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Facts and Figures

Czech Republic (and NC and SC) in figures

Population: 10.6 million (NC: 10.2 million; SC: 5 million)

Area: 30,450 sq. miles (NC: 53,819 sq. miles; SC: 32,020 sq. miles)

Founded: January 1, 1993 (NC: November 21, 1789; SC: 1663)

Capital: Prague: population of 1.4 million (NC: Raleigh: 459 thousand; SC: Columbia: 134 thousand)

Official language: Czech (NC & SC: English)

Currency: Czech Koruna (NC & SC: USD)

Government Type: Parliamentary democratic republic (NC & SC: three branch democratic state)

Motto: “Pravda vítězí” Truth prevails (NC: “Esse quam videri” To be, rather than to seem; SC: “Dum spiro spero” While I breathe, I hope)

President (U.S. President): Miloš Zeman (Donald Trump)

Prime Minister (Governor): Bohuslav Sobotka (NC: Roy Cooper; SC: Henry McMaster)


Fun Facts

Number of letters in alphabet: 42 (NC & SC: 26)

Driving side: right (NC & SC: right)

Calling code: +420 (NC & SC: +1)

Favorite dish: Roasted pork, dumplings and sauerkraut (NC: Pork barbecue SC: Shrimp and grits)

Cool inventions: Contact lenses and sugar cube (NC: flight “airplane” and Pepsi; SC: submarine and maser “microwave”)

Popular sports: Soccer, ice hockey and tennis (NC: NASCAR, football and basketball; SC: football, golf, NASCAR)

Popular pastime hobby: mushroom picking (NC: hunting; SC: fishing)

Patron Saint: Saint Wenceslaus (NC: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary; SC: Mary the Virgin Mother)

Honorary Consul Petr Vasicko
Petr Vasicko is Honorary Consul in Charlotte

Petr Vasicko is the Honorary Consul in Charlotte